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DIY doll

DIY Doll
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About: Like to sew? Sculpt? Are you a self-proclaimed artist? Maybe DIYdoll can help. :3
DIY stands for do it yourself, and is often related to all kinds of crafts! Many DIY sites list tutorials,and people post craft ideas.
A good example would be crafster.org <3

In a nutshell, diy_doll is where you can find (And post!) tutorials, crafts, customizations.. Even questions!
The only limit, is the topic has to be related to Asian ball-jointed balls (BJD).
You can be sculpting one, whatever! Just as long as we aren't talking about Polly Pocket's, Licca and Barbie.

1. Don't make posts friends-only Non-member LJ users can post too! To keep out flamers, all posts are moderated.
2.Please use a LJ-cut for posts with pictures,doll nudity (Or anything not safe for work), or with more than 2 paragraphs.
<*lj-cut*> post here <*/lj-cut> (Remove the *)
3. PLease try your best to use proper English. The BJD hobby is international! No chat speak please :3
4. NO FLAMING OR INSULTING! Keep it happy. :) Constructive criticism is fun!