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really ghetto scavenger stitchery..
by ♥Unseelie♥ (_unseelie)
at December 25th, 2005 (09:13 pm)

i wanted to make a fuzzy pair of slouch socks for Kazuki that were out of just the right kind of elastic stretchy but slouchy stuff that socks are made of.. so i cut 'em right up. then made the slightly startling discovery that the clean toe of an unworn pair of socks makes a darn servicable stocking cap! i'd been wanting to make one or more of these since trying to stitch a bit from a [sweater] sleeve into a hat [resulted in] a.. squashed square top kind of thing that looked like an envelope on his head. [not good]
anywhooo- i recommend pirating socks, it beats trying to start shapes in eleastics and knits by hand.
the toe makes a cap, the foot body & up the ankle makes a sock/legwarmer, if you're using a particularly long sock to begin with like a knee-sock you've got enough material to make a scarf. picking up the knit knee socks at walmart means four pair doll socks, two hats and a scarf and armwarmers can come from a $2.99 pair of girl socks. =)

just don't tell them what you're sticking on their heads...


Posted by: Kittie (darkartscat)
Posted at: December 26th, 2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
That's not ghetto! :)

I had been thinking of doing that for a long time!! ^___^ I have a habit of buying 1,000 pairs of socks and never wearing them. Also, Target normally has socks in their $1 section for almost every season, so I figured, hey, why not?
I LOVE shopping Walmart for fabrics...especially for stretchy jersey knits for socks, scarves, armwarmers/legwarmers, etc, etc.
Also, one thing I've realized is really great for making QUICK skirts, is to use a stretchy material, cut a rectangle (for a straight skirt, or a trapezoid for an A-line skirt), hem the edge regularly or with a zig-zag (use matching or contrasting color thread for different effects.....but be careful with regular "unfinished" hems on a stretchy material, as they have a tendency to roll)...use a quick chainstitch on the "back" of the skirt to join the ends of the rectangle/trapezoid together, turn, and use a zig-zag stitch for the top of the skirt. Makes a cute little slip-on skirt!
Great for all of you, like me, with a million great ideas, a million pounds of fabric, and not a ton of time to make everything.
Also, I'm sure you could probably, um, ghetto a pleated stretchy skirt this way, too. Press in the pleats with an iron, stitch up the top with a zig-zag, and slip it on.
Not recommended wear for your gals for meetups, show-offs, and selling....but looks great in photoshoots, or for sitting around the house! ^__^

Here's a pic of my Ariela with a ghetto, but cute n' funky, outfit! (Standing in front of her spoiled-princess canopy bed XD )
Unfortunately, the arms on the quickly-made pullover hoodie ended up being too small....oh well, 1/2 and 3/4 sleeves are still kinda popular...aren't they?? XD

Unhemmed CUTE stripey socks made from $1/yd Walmart fabric! So these socks cost me maybe 3-8 cents worth of fabric to make? Bingo!! :)

Skirt fabric was a little more expensive, more like 1.50 for a quarter yard, but that's what I love about MSD sizes...buying 1/4 yards, unless making something you need a lot of gathering for, is more than enough! ^__^ Nice and inexpensive!! You can even purchase expensive 10-30 dollar per yard fabrics, and make a whole outfit for your babe without even having to wince slightly at the price. :)

*laughs* The scarf looks worse in the pic than in person! XD I swear, it's due to rolling...my cutting skills aren't THAT bad!
But she's still CUTE!

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